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Certified Classroom Psychologist

JULY 15th – 20th, 2020

This certification is the foundation of creating exceptional students; it gives teachers and professors the framework to grasp the dynamics of how they can make small modifications that will transform student’s mindset towards better learning experience and emotional intelligence

“This school is the culmination of a dream for the future of humanity. Today’s youth have more potential to change the world an any other generation in the past, but current schools are far behind in bringing this out. And while people talk about education reform and even the application of my Feed Forward coaching to education, this is the first time I have seen a method that really takes it to the next level to fully develop our youth’s promise of greatness. The Arthur Carmazzi’s Leadership Education Method is the future of education and I fully endorse it.”

Marshall Goldsmith

Best selling author and #1 Leadership Coach

Why arthur’s education method will transform your classroom and students performance

Arthur Carmazzi Leadership Development methodology does not provide only knowledge, it instils passion and the attitudes required to succeed in LIFE… financially, emotionally, and physically. These Higher Level SUCCESS attributes are not taught by teachers, they are learned through experience, exposure, and the careful development of character and attitude… But it is the key ingredient that makes this system develop Extraordinary young adults…

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Top 10 Leadership Thought Leader, Arthur Carmazzi, came from humble beginnings, growing up on small family farm. Had challenges in the current education system. Have a MISSION to disrupt the education system to work for students who have GREAT POTENTIAL.

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