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Mediocrity is the stagnation of society, it breeds comfort and minimizes the passion that makes life exciting and purposeful!

The Leadership Evolution Bootcamp, 7 days Youth Leader retreat is a personalized system to shape powerful leadership and leadership character in young visionaries between the ages of 12 to 18 and infuse it through an immersive experience forged with Directive Communication Psychology. Many brilliant young thinkers are dismissed because they don’t have the right grades or don’t speak or write well. And many great students grow to become underachievers because they were expecting their academics would elevate them as they entered the real world… only to learn that they are no different than millions of others with academic foundations.

The young Leaders will personally work with Arthur Carmazzi and Khalid AlQoud

Arthur Carmazzi is the founder of the Directive Communication Psychology, a bestselling author, and one of the world’s top 10 thought leaders in leadership and organizational culture at his private resort in Bali during this 7 day Bootcamp.

Khalid AlQoud is an internationally certified Directive Communication Psychology trainer and consultant certified in human drive and motivation trainer from the American Institute of Business Psychology, and with 14 years’ experience in youth development programs.

Most parents want to prepare their children for greatness, but the schools do not support this, even the private schools which encourage “personalised” education focus primarily on academics.

But the key to success is not about what you know. It’s about your attitude, confidence, and the practical application of what you know… and it is combined with skills to engage others to a cause or ideas.

The outcome and promise of the Leadership Evolution Bootcamp  is simple:

Nurturing a character of excitement and practical high performance in life, school and business for applied success

Our character-building activities and training support this objective with elements in Self Leadership, Relationship and team Building, Patience, Decision making, Public speaking, and effective communication on multiple levels. Each future leader is immersed in a system that develops the attitudes and success mindset that cultivate a higher sense of purpose and actionable competence in relation to that purpose.

Questions to be answered

  • Why do teenagers have big dreams but little focus?
  • How do you support a grater purpose in a young adult?
  • How can we make our youth ready for the difficulties of real life?
  • How can we set up or youth to be taken seriously by adults?
  • How can we bring out greater confidence and competence in our teenagers?
  • Why do teenagers have more difficulties communicating with real people?
  • Why do teenagers spend more time with electronics than they do with people?
  • Why do teenagers have less courage in this day than they used to in earlier eras?

Personalized transformation

With a maximum of 20 young leaders, the focus of this bootcamp is visible transformation in 7 days.   Each young leader will get personalized attention, coaching and build their greater “IDEAL” self from the strengths and experience of who they already are. Sustainability in change does not come from changing a person to be something they are not, but in bringing  out the BEST of who they already are and refining that to achieve the potential of Who they Can Become!

Young leaders will reveal patterns behavior they may not be aware of that can have negative results on their future. Young leaders will realize the main differences between the Female and Male Leadership in different cultures and learn how to reinforce their leadership ability to affect their environments of family, school, friends, work, and other people.

Young leaders will understand the fundamentals of the psychology of communication and how people deal with different situations and apply this knowledge in strategy

Young leaders will learn the psychology behind money and how to use it as a tool rather than be chained to it emotionally limiting power.
Young leaders will learn how to create environments to become independent, action-oriented individuals who do what is required to achieve their bigger goals.
Young leaders will discover a well-defined direction of who they want to become and clarity of the kind of life and work they wish to build.
Young leaders will find their biggest strengths and learn how to leverage on the strengths of others to achieve bigger things.

Process and outcomes of the 7 days bootcamp

This individually structured and gamified journey over the 7 days bootcamp is designed to create tangible outcomes. This means they will have concrete results by the time they leave. These results are achieved through mentoring, coaching and self-discovery, of the young leaders and include:

  • Work with a team of 5 selected individuals to create a viable business plan and execute it while competing with other teams for business results relating to profit, brand value, and speed of market adoption
  • Write and publish a book on Amazon in relation to their interests and journey of discovery
  • Build a plan and collateral to market and brand themselves, their books, and the concepts they invent… and expand on their social media presence to evolve their new business and generate book sales
  • Build advanced leadership abilities through application of Directive Communication Psychology

Have gone through an emotional self-awareness process where they discover their ideal self and become more of who they want to become.
Our youth is our future, your children are the true wealth of the future… but only if they realize their true potential. The 7 days they spend building the foundations for their greater future will be equivalent to 2 years of experience after graduating from University…
Don’t let the system keep your son or daughter mediocre, let us help you build them as future leaders and changes of nations and industry… register today

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Our Curriculum

IGCSE Course outcomes will be integrated in a real world, personal interest focused approach.
Outcomes and connectivity elements will be clearly outlined for the students to develop their own lessons and projects.

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