Arthur Carmazzi Leadership Development Methodology

The school leadership system is based on proven success principles derived from creating high performing cultures in some of the world’s greatest organizations

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Arthur Carmazzi was NOT a natural learner, he was not a natural leader (in fact he was a complete failure in his first 3 leadership positions), he was not an overnight success as an entrepreneur, and he was definitely NOT a disciplined student

At the age of 15, he was labelled by his high school teacher as a mental retard.

But through failure, Arthur Carmazzi achieved awareness, and through awareness he learned his unique learning process, and through learning he succeeded in life, business and relationships. His Leadership Development Training Programs are currently used around the world by Fortune 500 organizations and delivered by Arthur himself or over 400 of his Certified Licenced Trainers

The Arthur Carmazzi Leadership Development methodology is Not a One Size Fits all process of developing leadership. Just like learning, each person has their own Unique characteristics that each individual combines and refines to create an “Ideal Leadership and Learning Identity”. When this unique leadership and learning identity is communicated through our system to the Wisdom Team and the Hive, synergies can be formed to achieve objectives. More about Arthur’s Leadership Models

But developing leadership goes far beyond the applied set of unique characteristics and skills to achieve objectives. Arthur Carmazzi Leadership development at school of business and leadership is a systematic daily experience that develops character, and life & business success wisdom.

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Leadership Objectives

Each studentof the leadership development structure of the Arthur Carmazzi Method and the School of Business and Leadership system will have the ability to:

  • Effectively apply their Individualized Leadership Identity
  • Communicate Effectively
  • The ability to Motivate and Inspire others
  • Practice the success attitude
  • Coach others to succeed
  • Understand how and why people around them are affected
  • Implement and teach the psychology of success
  • Maintain and nurture relationships
  • Organize ideas so that others will be able to use and apply them
  • Bring out the best in and effectively work in teams
  • Leverage on the strengths of others
  • Understand the psychology of money and time
  • Create self-motivated environments and team cultures
  • Apply work gamification processes to engagement
  • Confidently address and speak in front of large crowds
  • Confidently and competently speak in front of media

Each Arthur Carmazzi School of Business and Leadership student goes through the schedule of implementing leadership related tasks throughout the school year to qualify for an accredited “Achievement Level Qualification” in LEADERSHIP PSYCHOLOGY from the American Institute of Business Psychology

Students who have achieved THE Leadership Psychology qualification and continue to higher levels, are then eligible to qualify for a AIOBP qualification in ORGANIZATIONAL CULTURE AND ENGAGEMENT

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