Changing Education Paradigms with Sir Ken Robinson

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According to Sir Ken Robinson, the problems with education are that people trying to solve the problems of the future by doing the same as they have done in the past alienating millions of kids who do not see any point in going to school. He states the current education system was designed in the 1800’s to develop workers for the industrial revolution.

the notions of the way it should be came from the ancient Greek classic view of intelligence. “There are 2 types of People: Smart People and Non-Smart People and that you cannot change them.” which leads many brilliant people to think they are not… and this model has caused Chaos in many peoples’s lives…

Watch Sir Ken Robinson’s amazing talk.

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After watching this video you will hear Ken’s views on ADHD. We know these “types” of Kids, I, Arthur Carmazzi, am one of them… but is it really ADHD, or is it the Brain’s Ambiguity Relief Processes How People get clarity)? Looking at the “Chaotic” Ambiguity Relief process, Green Brain in the Colored Brain Model, you will find a Process (not systems) that resemble what some may call ADHD. So can Green Braind kids

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