Building Fun Into Success (Gamification)

Applying Actionable gamification and performance measurement in an academic environment not only creates more learning engagement but improves active support by Team Members and Coaches.

By establishing personal benchmarks at the beginning of the year, students are measured against themselves. To increase the competitiveness without identifying Low Performers, teams are compared to other teams (which encourages teams to support their members). There are multiple areas where teams may excel. Arthur Carmazzi’s multiple facets of work gamification have been applied across hundreds of multinational organizations with extremely positive results

education gamificationWisdom team awards will be given to:

  • Top 10 academic performers
  • Top 10 most improved
  • Top 10 in leadership excellence
  • Top 10 in innovation
  • Top 10 in global communications
    (based on their social teaching channel)
  • Top 8 in the arts
  • Top 5 athletic teams
  • Top 3 superstar teams

gamification at schoolIndividual awards
will be given to:

  • Top 3 best Communicators
  • Top 3 most inspirational
  • Top 3 in the arts
  • Top 3 in athletics
  • Top 3 Heroes
  • Amazon bestselling authors

performance gamificationHives are
awarded as:

  • #1 in academic performance
  • #1 in leadership excellence
  • #1 in innovation
  • #1 in global communications
  • #1 in athletics
  • #1 in the arts
  • #1 with super stars

Applying the HDMA 360⁰ feedback to identify Perception Gaps and the Squadli “instant” feedback app, students know how they are doing related to their own improvements,learning,and leadership objectives. Positive behavior is reinforced and affects team ranking. Negative behavior or actions that deter from self-improvement, learning,or leadership objectives is also recorded and affects team ranking.

The gamification system provides a series of Individual, Team and Hive points, badges, trophies and privileges.

Additionally, to improve teamwork and communication within diverse teams and across others teams and hives, students clarity and learning processes are identified with Colored Brain Psychometric tool. The colored brain system connect all Hive members in one online portal so that individuals can see who to synergise with, how to improve productivity with and even how each learning style is different from yours… the system shows who is in the Danger Zone (people who you may have difficulty communicating or working with), and how to overcome issues. This system helps team members and coaches support each unique individual with customised approaches to ensure clarity without frustration.

Students are also part of the gamification process by playing the Performencia Work Gamification Game that leads players to create a complete gamified process.

Each Wisdom Team has a Name, Colors and a Personal mission statement. When awards are achieved, the teams colors (banner) are displayed in the Hall of fame for that quarter.

But developing leadership goes far beyond the applied set of unique characteristics and skills to achieve objectives. Arthur Carmazzi Leadership development at the Kingsley Leadership Academy, leadership high school is a systematic daily experience that develops character, and life & business success wisdom.

This leadership system is incorporated in the structure of the leadership high school learning system. The Wisdom Teams, the Student managed research and teaching, student owning and authoring their own books, student shows, and more… Each student is a conscious part of building a Leadership Enriched School Culture.

A Methodology with a Mission to Cultivate the World’s Future Leaders


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