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Industry Involvement

Supporting a Real World, PRACTICAL Education requires access and experience OUTSIDE of academics

It requires solve REAL problems and understanding REAL frustration that leaders and organization face Every Day

Teachers have been the dispensers of knowledge throughout the ages. And although knowledge is now free and delivered on multiple channels, processes and styles across the internet… and it is approached from all sides, philosophies, and perspectives… and everyone has access… We still cling to the Teacher model, even though a teacher is limited by their own process, their own bias of what perspectives are important and what philosophy is correct.

To address this, we have joined forces with Industry Partners. Organizations that want the benefits of being involved with these future leaders. Organizations that need fresh perspectives on real current problems. Organization who are looking for leaders to hire when they complete their studies…

Each Industry partner sends a representative once during the semester to present a case study, a real issue that they are trying to solve. It could be about marketing to the Gen-Z, how to engage new hires to be more effective, or how to connect different generations of leaders to have a common vision… Wisdom teams have 3 day to come up with and present a solution.

Wisdom Team Solution merits are assessed by the company leaders based on practical, implementable, and innovative strategies that will have an impact. Feedback is presented by company representatives to students on overall submissions on what was not realistic and what was, but not practical. The presentation will also announce the wining ideas and teams and why they were chosen.



  • Students, organizations, and organization representatives create symbiotic bonds where they can see each other’s potential and possibilities to work together, invest in, or support entrepreneurial ventures in the future.
  • Companies get fresh perspectives and unbiased insights on multiple levels of business, management, marketing, market perceptions…
  • Employees of Company Partners also receive special bursaries (Discounted School Fees) for employee’s children to attend the Kingsley Leadership Academy
  • Companies show their support to practical and advance education and can communicate this to improve Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives
  • Organizations who sponsor a Team (5 students) will have their name and logo (if permitted) promoted by all the team’s online efforts and weekly YouTube show… “This show is sponsored by…”

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