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It is one thing to be able to discern problems but it is another to be able to have a reflex of innovative solution which can survive the test of time and be welcomed by the mass. When the innovative idea is found, what How to nurture students into becoming problem solvers. This course serves you with the tools to be able to develop your students in becoming expert in problem solving in a unique and innovative way.

Mindset of an Education Innovator

  • Understand the need for change or innovation.
  • Locate the problem and have a wide network and open mind to solve it.

Thinking Process/Reasoning Behind Highly Innovative Students

  • Dependence on how you approach situations that you encounter.
  • The set of beliefs and ideas that you follow and that derive you towards a different dimension.
  • Inception of an innovative idea
  • Development of the innovative idea
    • Induce good practices for building up the response against it.
    • Be open and prepared to all kinds of reactions.

Creative Execution to Elevate Academic Competency

  • Come out with your set of ideas and beliefs with confidence
  • Defend your innovation with strong points that advocate your innovation
  • Accept and process all the reactions with all the heart.
  • Give your best because this is the time to prove your worth.

Follow Up

  • Patiently track down all the positive and negative reactions for making it better.
  • Understand that the key is hard work and consistency and good things take time.

Business Aspects of Practical Innovation in the School

  • Introducing the innovation in the market when there is dire need of it already
  • Spread the word through social media ad other publicity tactics that are unique to the modern world.
  • Stick to the basic goal and put all the efforts in one orientation.
  • Understand that one has to expect lessand do more.


Nurturing Student Social Media Influencers While Reinforcing Academics

  • Understanding the power of social media and the impact it creates on daily life.
  • Accepting it as a way of spreading awareness
  • Find the thinine that celebrates real life from social media life.
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