Project Learning Clusters

By creating objective focused "Learning Clusters", each team learns multiple subjects connected to a Unique Project in line with the Hive's Theme

This project combines multiple IGCSE subjects and defines the learning elements of how they are connected.

For Example

The wisdom team may define the objective as creating a new Productivity App for Students, in which they will need to write technical, descriptive, and sales copy within the English curriculum.

They will need to translate it to Chinese, they will need to apply Art skills to design packaging images and internal design. They will need to apply Information Technology and Math Skills to build it, and they will need to apply their Business Studies to market it in traditional markets plus the unique Chinese Market. They will need to do projections and accounting for the project applying their Mathematics learning. They will then analyse data to determine what is working and what is not developing Critical Thinking, and of course, the entire project requires Team Efficiency and Communication Skills, plus they must do an Effective Presentation using Drama Skills to investors to get it funded.

This Learning Cluster is subject matter from 8 courses into a project that has a practical and emotional benefit to students.

Teacher/Coaches work together to combine the practical applications in Learning Clusters while maintaining the IGCSE Requirements. Teacher/coaches are also working as teams to support practical integration of their subjects to assure the Wisdom Team members effectively apply and learn the IGCSE required elements and can transfer this “Applied Knowledge” to the other Wisdom Team members through multi-faceted projects. This is achieved through questioning rather than teaching, Teacher/Coaches who know the material have the insights to ask the right questions, but the ultimate responsibility for Wisdom Team Competence belongs to its members.

Learning Clusters support an environment for Wisdom Team Members to be excited about learning subjects that wouldn’t be as fun as stand alone learning.

The Teacher/Coach roles  are:

  • To get the students in the wisdom teams to be accountable for each other’s learning success
  • Help students Competently teach their peers
  • Question students to help them find solutions to their issues
  • Quiz students at every opportunity (give or take away points)
  • Support students in their presentation skills
  • Support students in their writing and communication skills
  • Support students in negotiation and argument
  • Support students in leadership and coaching skills
  • Counsel students if emotionally difficult
  • Identify potential need for intervention
  • Stretching student potential
  • Breaking current models and create better ones


Coaches will visit teams regularly to quiz, question and support

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