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Student Authors

The average High School student writes over 150 pages of school related assignments in one year

The average High School student writes over 150 pages of school related assignments in one year. Yet these are essentially never used beyond the teachers grading. Each student also has ideas and interests that often do NOT fit the assignments parameters, therefore creating apathy and rebellion towards the writing.


With the Arthur Carmazzi Methodology applied creates an integrated platform that consist of:

  • Curriculum subject matter practice and practical application
  • Story, packaging and presentation
  • The ability to present and transfer knowledge in writing

By applying these elements to the school work and its format, students will create a single body of work that integrates the full scope of the subject matter. This means that at by the end of the year, instead of having a bunch of miscellaneous papers and homework…

Each student’s “homework” is designed to suit curriculum learning objectives… BUT, in the form of an informative, entertaining, or inspirational “BOOK”, not in standalone, disorganized exercises.

Each book project encompasses elements of practice to improve retention and learning, and since it is a personal project for personal achievement designed and created by the student… students are more personally invested and therefore retain more.

Titles of student books may look like:

  • Diary of an Accidental Mathematician
  • The 12 habits of Extraordinary Students
  • 101 tricks to ACE High School
  • The Teen Cheatbook to English, Science and Math

Students will then initiate the procedure of publishing their books on and marketing it, and will apply “Bestseller Strategies” to achieve bestseller status.

Awards are given to the students who sell the most books to multiple buyers.

Books are also sold through the Leadership School’s website and royalties given back to the students

The Arthur Carmazzi method does not believe in wasting time. Doing homework without a parent or teacher breathing down your neck requires discipline… and doing miscellaneous homework without having a practical result from the time spent seems wasteful… so to initiate desire and get a real outcome, students become authors.

A Methodology with a Mission to Cultivate the World’s Future Leaders


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Our Curriculum

IGCSE Course outcomes will be integrated in a real world, personal interest focused approach.
Outcomes and connectivity elements will be clearly outlined for the students to develop their own lessons and projects.

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