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Students Changing the World

There are young people who have millions of followers on social media, these young people have a voice, a BIG one… and people want to listen and watch them are affected


Some are inspired, others have an opportunity to escape and coop with the difficulties of being a Teenager, and yet others learn new ideas that will impact their future. These few students are Changing the World.

At the Arhur Carmazzi School of Business and Leadership, we believe that supporting this “Voice” in our students not only develops their ability to lead and impact others, it not only improves their confidence and skill to what is possible… but also provides a sense of social responsibility to help other on a global scale… “Students Changing the World”

We are choosing students who want to make a difference and believe the have something important to contribute. So we support them with a full Media Studio and the structure to build their channels to literally change the world.

These Wisdom Team Learning channels are designed for our students to educate and inspire youth across the globe to build their abilities and have examples for what is possible.

Each Wisdom Team designs a channel and brand, plans the style and learning lessons based on what they learn, produces the show in the High-Tech Media Studio, and Markets the show.

Wisdom Teams and Hives will also have academy awards for these shows based on views, likes, and comments…

Stay tuned to be a Star!

A Methodology with a Mission to Cultivate the World’s Future Leaders


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