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Succession questionnaire

On a scale of 1 – 10 with 10 being the highest

1 Step 1
1. How would you rate the level of personal (where they actually talk to each other,not electronic) interaction your child has with friends?
2. How varied are your child’s interests?
3. How excited is your child about his/her interests?
4. How interested is your child in personal improvement?w excited is your child about his/her interests?
5. How would you rate the level of additional achievement your child wishes to attain (1 being keep things as they are)?
6. How strongly does your child believe they can do better that you (their parents)?
7. How easily can your child talk to strangers confidently?
8. How easily can your child influence his/her friends (is he/she the leader or dothey go along with what others want)?
9. How often does your child offer ideas about how to improve your business?
10. How often do you listen to your child when they offer ideas about your business?

The SUCCESSION QUESTIONNAIRE SCORE is: [field58 + field59 + field60 + field61 + field62 + field63 + field64 + field65 + field67 + field68]


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