Teachers Changing The World

The certifications in the Leadership University merely aims at shaping leaders of tomorrow. As it is only Leaders can shape other leaders.

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These are cool teachers who in real life have thousands of followers, people who have direct influence on.

Some just want to teach exactly as per the curriculum issued to them by the state, some want to change and impact the lives of their students forever. At Arthur’s leadership university, we named them “ The visionary teachers”
Arthur’s Leadership university is Education redefined to impact the lives of millions of people and get them ready for the true challenges of life and the business world.

You are at the right place as a teacher and professor if what you would like to achieve is grow leaders of tomorrow and give them tools for which you will be remembered. Leave a legacy for your students.

Here is how visionary teachers redefine homework as per Arthur Carmazzi’s method

Students researching the topic:

  • Students connecting topics to practical application – i.e. English, math and history in their projects, their teaching, and in their books
  • No Homework, STORY – taking the lessons from the week and consolidating them into a story as part of each students Book which will be published at the end of the year
  • Students reviewing and editing their books before publishing
  • Students weekly Youtube Channel where they consolidate important lessons and teach the work
  • Student applications to companies with the support and guidance of their teachers
  • Students attending workshops and seminars with teachers to upgrade their knowledge
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