Leadership Enriched Culture

It doesn’t matter if you what to work and be quickly promoted in a global conglomerate or create your own start-up

The skills required in this age of instant information and communication where the expectations of people, products and services continue to rise are directly related to leadership with an entrepreneurial attitude.

But this “SKILL” is not a skill at all, but a way of Living, an Attitude, an Expanded Perception of people, objectives, and work. As such, it can not be studied, it must be experience, students must feel the impact on themselves and see it in others as they apply it.

To achieve this, students are immersed in what we call a “Leadership Enriched Culture” where each person regardless of position takes on leadership roles to lead according to passion, expertise and their alignments as an “Axis Leader”. This is based on Arthur Carmazzi’s Organizational Culture Assessment

At the Kingsley Leadership Academy Leadership High School, we have specifically sculpted the Leadership Enriched Culture according to Arthur Carmazzi’s Culture Evolution Model. A culture where students are developed as leaders and their potential for success with an entrepreneurial perspective is expanded through their daily activity and school structure… A culture where students have opportunities to cultivate their ability to inspire others and move them to action when they don’t “Feel Like It”… A culture that build’s a student’s awareness of what they are really capable of by actually achieving it.

To achieve this each teacher and staff has gone through the Arthur Carmazzi Leadership Development Training Program based on the DC Psychology system of group dynamics


More about the Axis Leader is defined in Arthur Carmazzi’s new book, “Architects of Extraordinary Team Culture – 5 Secrets from the Ancient Pyramids”

A Methodology with a Mission to Cultivate the World’s Future Leaders


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