The Wisdom Teams

Each Wisdom Team is composed of 5 students and each student has a role in developing and teaching the curriculum

Teachers have been the dispensers of knowledge throughout the ages. And although knowledge is now free and delivered on multiple channels, processes and styles across the internet… and it is approached from all sides, philosophies, and perspectives… and everyone has access… We still cling to the Teacher model, even though a teacher is limited by their own process, their own bias of what perspectives are important and what philosophy is correct.


What we know about leaning in the 21st century is that we learn more effectively when:

  • Personal Interest is integrated in the learning
  • We search and find out for ourselves
  • We connect multiple learnings with a single and meaningful result or project
  • We teach others what we discover and learn
  • We have discussions with like minded people who have similar goals and interests

The Arthur Carmazzi method encompasses this full scope of modern learning with Wisdom Teams. A Wisdom Team is a part of a Hive. Each Hive is made up of diverse individuals who with multiple interests but who share common or complimentary motivators (defined by a secret selection process).

These Hives are:


Primarily Motivated by personal growth and its application to improving the world around them


Primarily Motivated by purpose and achievement, and the actions that support the purpose


Primarily Motivated by vision and creation. Achieving the apparent impossible


Primarily Motivated by experimentation and discovery, finding new ways to solve old problems


Primarily Motivated by protecting humanity, supporting less fortunate people or protecting our natural resources and making a global impact in the process

Each Wisdom Team is composed of 5 students and each student has a role in developing and teaching the curriculum. Each student researches his works with team mates, coaches, and clinics to organize it into a knowledge transfer plan. The plan is in line with the team’s “Learning Cluster” projects. Each student then works with the team to ensure that EVERYONE on the team is clear on the specific subjects that have been shared.

The Wisdom Team’s performance is assessed as a Team and, to achieve awards, the teams must support their members to excel.

Each Wisdom Team has a Name, Colors and a Personal mission statement. When awards are achieved, the teams colors (banner) are displayed in the Hall of fame for that quarter.

A Methodology with a Mission to Cultivate the World’s Future Leaders


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