A Typical Day for Your Students

if you are using the Arthur Carmazzi Education methodology

What happens in an average day of a Wisdom Team and its members?

Typical Day for Your Students

Before Breakfast, students attend the Hives stretching, yoga, and exercise session. Later, students will arrive at their private Wisdom Team’s Hive Pod, this 5 +1 person pod contains their projects, personal school items and their personalized learning resources. They begin with a meeting to define their objectives for the day and may decide for focus on one of their three projects and how they will apply their learning objectives to that project. A school wide 3 question quiz relating to the weeks learning focus is given through the pod system. Wisdom Teams who answer questions correctly build points for their team and their Hive. If all 3 are answered correctly, bonus points are awarded.

Each student is responsible for a portion of their Learning Cluster Project and making sure that the other team members also develop the competency related to their portion. They discuss gaps they have for the days objectives and schedule coaching session to close the gaps. The team is made up of different “Colored Brains” according the Arthur Carmazzi’s research on genetic Ambiguity Relief processes and his brain based Psychometric tool for teams.

The team decides that each requires 2 hours of personal research time and will connect after the 2 hours. The individual students then set off to many of the “privacy holes” throughout the school to do their research according the weeks objectives. Some may find that the current ideas on the subject are outdated and redefine a better model. This discovery will be immediately catalogued for inclusion to the book they are writing to insure they are credited with the new knowledge or process. They will also submit it for inclusion in the Student Thought Leader seminar at the end of the month where students who discover new ideas present their finding to the rest of the school… earning their Wisdom Team and Hive big points.

During this personal time, one of the team members may attend a scheduled mathematics clinic designed to support students who are having extra difficulty in this subject before they teach it to their team.

As the students are walking through the school, they encounter coaches on their way to visit other Wisdom Teams, during these minute encounters, coaches ask a question relating to the curriculum, if pass, they get points for their team and Hive, if no pass, points are deducted.

When the 2 hours are up, each student comes back to the Hive Pod to each share their findings and immediately apply their learnings through their project while making sure each team member knows the material.

Typical Day for Your Students

At lunch time, students may decide to have a Power Lunch with a Wisdom Team from another Hive that has a complimentary project to see if they can negotiate a Win Win deal. They may go to one of the cafes run by the other team’s Hive to show good faith.

They have their first appointment with one of the teacher/coaches. They share what they have learned so far and how they are going to apply it in the projects they are working on today. The coach listens and then asks them “Directive Questions” (part of the Leadership training discipline) and if they find gaps or see room for improvement, the coach determines if everyone has had a grasp of the subjects for that day. The coach then shares additional feedback through the “Squadli” app to record the individual and team performance related to the larger learning objectives for that day.

The team then revises and actions the feedback… then goes to the sports hall and practices rock climbing under safety supervision to unwind the mental activity and balance it with precision physical activity.

A representative from a partner company is presenting the by-weekly (every 2 weeks) Active Case Study where they explain the background of one of the company’s challenges and ask for solutions. The wisdom teams have the opportunity to compete to find solution for this challenge.

The entrees are reviewed by the organization,and the winning solutions chosen, and explanations as to WHY are presented 2 weeks later by the company.

Typical Day for Your Students

After the presentation, the team joins a Humanities Practicum. This team has multiple interests (some teams are all in the same Practicum and have a Band or Art Consortium) where one student joins the Philosophy and World History Practicum, two others join the Music Practicum where one plays the Violin and the other the Saxophone. The others join Practicums in Sketching, Painting and Sculpture.

Tomorrow, the team will be presenting their new Robot and how it works for the Robot Games so they spend some time with their Inspirational Speaking Coach (points are given to team presentations that can make the most boring subjects compelling and interesting). After a bit more practice, they head down to the robotics lab to make some last-minute adjustments on their robot before dinner.

Today, one of the Wisdom Team members is buying dinner since he recently was awarded the Nova Star by the Hive for his role in winning the School Lacrosse tournament. He will also be playing in the international tournament.

After dinner and fun, one of the Wisdom Team members works on her book, “The 12 Habits of a Superstar Student”, she is almost finished with the 3rd chapter and wants to refine the learning points she gained from her studies as examples in the book.

Another decides to design an Infographic to make her Math teaching more fun tomorrow, and another go for a late swim in the school swimming pool. Two of them decide to go to see the new movie playing at the Mall across from the national park in front of the school, it’s a nice (and safe) walk in the perfect Malaysian night weather.

Mandatory lights out, all students accounted for and ready for a new day of learning and excitement tomorrow.


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